Aqua Scape

We created the landscape design prior to the completion of the pool. The desire of this landscape was designed to create an outdoor room surrounding their pool using year round color and low maintenance plants. We designed the landscape, installed the irrigation and rock edge, and installed the plants. We have been maintaining this landscape weekly for 3 years.

Arbor Accent

This landscape design shows landscaping around a focal point - an arbor. We installed an aggregate concrete patio that extends from the existing patio. This leads to the arbor. We then installed an irrigation drip tube system to aid water conversation. This system waters the roots decreasing the amount of water used. We also installed the entire landscape.

An Artfelt Design

GlennScape was asked to participate in a Fort Worth Public Art Project. Cam Schoepp, a TCU Art Professor created an environment consisting of stone benches and a water fountain and Michael Moore, a landscape designer created the landscape design. GlennScape excavated, irrigated, installed all rock edge, retaining walls, sidewalk, decomposed granite and landscape.

Border Accents

This landscape shows how a retaining wall can compliment the landscape and increase the curb appeal of a house. We designed and installed this landscape and retaining wall, repaired the irrigation system, and installed a French drain next to the retaining wall. We install new color seasonally. We also installed a French drain along the side of the house to route excess water to the street to prevent flooding.

Building Beauty

This commercial business hired us to landscape in the court yard and around their building to give it a more welcoming feeling. We also installed a concrete patio with a handicap ramp for wheelchair access.

Natural Oasis

GlennScape designed and installed all all aspects of this project to create a wonderland of different/unique environments. We complemented this new home by creating a wonderland of different environments. As soon as you pull into the driveway you notice the many beautiful flowers, plants and trees. The landscape includes perennial and annual plants and flowers. We have been maintaining this property for 5 years.

Nature's Showcase

We designed and installed an updated landscape that compliments the newly renovated house. GlennScape designed the irrigation system, French drain, New Mexico Cobble, the driveway expansion, concrete retaining wall and rock edge. We removed all existing landscape from this 1950’s home and updated the entire landscape. We installed a French drain under a dry riverbed of New Mexico Cobble to move water away from the front yard to the back, alleviating water entering the garage.

Scenic Vista

The area along the fence contained only large pine trees, with no other plant life. We designed and installed the landscape to enhance the pine trees and the perimeter of the yard. It now looks beautiful from the pool area, and helps draw people outside.

The Side Show

To complete their landscape project, the owners of this home needed a design of the side of the house. These photos explain how we created a design to compliment the existing landscape. The design included a rock edge, irrigation, trees, plants and flowers. Upon completion, the yard won ‘yard of the month’ in the neighborhood after the completion of the side design.